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A Story to Write

February 5, 2018
By Anonymous

I’m back with pen in hand
But it’s all dried up and out of words
I’m back but the paper is mad at me and refuses to speak
But you are going to have to listen because
The words are still here
The stories are still loud and it's hard to hear
You call yourself a writer
But your in my world now
And let me paint you a picture
Cause this type of writing isn’t what it looks like
This kind of song isn’t what it sounds like
You judge me fine
This isn’t for you
This is a shout out to all these worlds
All these ideas
That bang in my head
My head is going to explode
Cause these words don’t want to work
My mind is struggling to write
What I think
And break it down into words it doesn’t fit
Ideas are overflowing
But can’t reach the paper
I feel like I’ve been put on mute
Because this only a whisper
Of my voice
I keep screaming it hurts
Help me you can’t
I try and look at all these blank papers
You say fill them
I don’t think you know what that means
Come in and look inside my head
I crack the door and it struggles to open
My voice isn’t working
My hand can’t write fast enough
But I just opened the door
And welcomed my paper and pen
I have a story to write
And I am ready to begin

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