February 5, 2018
By brant BRONZE, Sanford, Florida
brant BRONZE, Sanford, Florida
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   You know, sometimes life is great, it’s amazing. It’s like you’re living in a magical wonderland filled with rainbows and ice cream. But then other times in life, it feels like you’re living under a bridge that smells like a dog just ate its own poop then threw it back up. It’s horrible, nasty and all you want is to get out. Sometimes that's just the reality you're living. It’s really just life, but don’t ever let your hopes down because there's always a silver lining, a happy ending to this crazy thing we call life. Whether you just  got hired for the job of your dreams, or you just got fired from the job of your dreams… one day you’ll get over it and realize that was only one little chapter in the huge novel of life. One day it’s all gonna be a-okay, but right now it’s just reality. 

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