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January 30, 2018
By ZeynepOzkaya BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
ZeynepOzkaya BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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The sunset melted into darkness
like wax dripping down a candle
The once brilliant pinks and oranges
became nothing but a vast Emptiness
with stars like cracks in the sidewalk

I sat on the beach,
the cold air infesting my body.
Like a virus spreading to every corner of my existence
Showing no bounds—no end

Behind me, the city awakened.
Every noise, every smell, every color,
elevating the meaning of life
But all I could hear were the waves
And the Wind
Howling in my ear like the screams of demons of an unknown past
Refusing to abandon

I sat on the beach
The waves grew larger
And as the bright lights of the city dimmed
I allowed the waves to consume me, carrying me away

I waited.
Waited, for the cycle to begin again

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