Only A Joke

January 30, 2018
By deanib BRONZE, Valle Vista, California
deanib BRONZE, Valle Vista, California
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Derision is ripping flesh

Comedy said to be satirical
but doesn't fail to
torture the ears of the innocent

Only a joke, you say
but there is truth behind
your words

Breaking souls because
angered homes
drink their pain

And damaged brains
convince themselves that
there is love in the pain
blood dripping only to stain
slicing wrists to feel okay

It's only a stomach clenching, teary eyed, out of breath kind of joke, right?

One day they'll leave behind
their lives
drink toxics
and test fly off of buildings
drowning drowning
drowning away
the labels
and the laughter
until there's nothing left to laugh

And you might not think
it's because of what you
but it is

Only a joke, right?

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