Dear My Love

January 30, 2018
By Anonymous

Dear my love,

Your eyes will glisten in the sunshine like a sequin dress
Your smile will be so bright that it makes everyone blind
Your voice will sound like a harmony of violins
One day soon we will meet

One day you will dance with me
One day you will meet my family
One day you will join in on vacations
One day soon we will meet

There will be ups and downs
There will be lazy days
There will be long nights at work
One day soon we will meet

That one day we meet we will be overjoyed
That one day we meet there will be tears
That one day we meet nothing else will matter
Because we have met and the world has stopped turning

Now I am admiring your eyes
Now I am staring at that stunning smile
Now I am listening to your soft voice
Because we have met and that's all that matters

Now, two years later, we have had some fights
We have had those lazy days
And worked long nights
But nothing else matters because I have you


The longer we are together the more I want you in my future
Couple days later a ring has appeared on my finger
And I am as blissful as could be
No sooner we are married and have our first place together

Wanting to share our love we hope to have a baby
Doctors appointments just not working the way we want
Wanting to give up but are determined to have a child
Test tubes upon test tubes they use to help us start our family

Reading results it’s official
All full of joy loving that we will have a family
Nine months later our first baby girl is born
Seeing you play with our daughter you being an outstanding mom

I sit you down and hold your hand so gently to tell you
that cancer has appeared, and you say to me
Just like you hold my hand now I will hold yours
because there is no where  I’d rather be

Surgery after surgery realizing nothing is working
Not much longer and it has gone all over
I am gradually fading away
But to this day you still tell our daughter that I am watching over her every day.

As our daughter gets older she gets picked on for having two moms
You tell her to stay strong it will be alright
Talk to mom she will give you strength
Before she goes to bed she makes one wish that tears her mom apart

She tells the other kids at school I may have two moms
and one may be in heaven, but they love me
just as much your mommys and daddys love you

You tell her how we met and waited so long to be together
You tell her how joyful we were when we saw her on the monitor
You tell her all the stories mommy use to her while she rocked her to sleep
You tell her that mommy will always be there to talk to as long as she believes

Now to this day there is somebody looking out there for the one girl or guy
That has eyes that sparkle in the sunshine like a sequin dress
That has a smile that is so bright that it makes everyone blind
That has a voice that sounds like a harmony of violins

Someday they will meet and fall in love
They will make a life together
Raise children and teach them
no matter what happens it is okay to be strong
And that all love is unconditional and that cannot be broken

All families are different but that is beautiful
As long as you believe in yourself you will prosper.

Sincerely, your love

The author's comments:

I took my own experience and what I personally think could happen to me in my future because of the things that have been known to happen in my family. It inspired me to write about topics that I do not think are talked about enough in society as weel.

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