How was your day?

January 30, 2018
By Anonymous

I say I’m fine
But how can I possibly be fine
Why do you believe me?
Can’t you hear the stress
Slipped into the syllable?
Can’t you see the terror
that lingers in the letters?
Why can’t you hear
How I don’t want to be
Here, now, in my skin?
But you are deaf to me.
You just don’t listen.

I say that I’m fine,
You say that I’m angry,
Upset, not telling you the truth.
You just want me to be honest
But I can’t
Not with you.
I’m sorry
but I can’t keep my promise.
Not when you,
Give voice to my fears,
Tell me, I will never amount to anything,
Yell at me, for not being the child you wanted,
And then you can’t understand my tears.
So to you,
I will be what you need.
I’m fine.

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