Work struggles

January 30, 2018
By amandawilson BRONZE, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
amandawilson BRONZE, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
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When you work you never want to be down,
Taking people's orders is your job,
Now when you know what your doing,
And the manager comes by and yells at you,
When your doing something wrong,
Sometimes I hate my job but I love all the people,
The one person I hate is my mean old manager,

Seeing me do my job that I have been doing for 2 years,
Here before her and she know I was here first,
Telling me that we never did this before,
But I know that's not true cause I was here before you,
Wanting to yell back but know she can throw me out,
Thinking in my head I want to quit so bad,
Soon realizing that I can't take this anymore,

Yelling at me for putting a tray on a table,
Moving the tables the wrong way,
Standing in the wrong spot,
Not smiling when she walks by,
Eating when I have tables,
And even sweeping when there is a mess,
Taking my drinks when they are handed to me,
Knowing that soon someone will do this again,
But they won't get two words said to them,
Hating my job someone wanting to kill myself,
Getting treated like s*** because I am the little one,
I have been there almost the longest and still the lowest,
Tired of people doing this to me,
I can't stand up for myself and everyone knows,
Always saying yes when it comes,
When I need off everyone says no but when they need off
There I go always being nice and saying yes,
I know I need to stand up for myself but I can't do it I don't know why,

Putting my two weeks in was the best,
She telling me to stay and treating me the best,
Still leaving thou because she is the worst,
I will miss everyone but I know this is the best,
If I stay I may kill myself because she is the worst,
So now I say vamanos.

The author's comments:

how much I get taken advantage of at work

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