At Midnight of This Day

January 30, 2018
By seanjung BRONZE, Santa Monica, California
seanjung BRONZE, Santa Monica, California
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At midnight of this day

every one of you

emptied into an ocean

leaving the ripen blue star

heinously blazing on winter waves

every time then

longing made splash noises on the wooded floor

and there is me behind

stacking pity for my innocent room

The author's comments:

We often miss our people in the past when we are alone in the room at night. They may be your family, friends, or lovers. I tried to share that moment that everyone had in the poem, but not in a banal way.

If it was too obvious, I should practice more how to express emotions in creative way.


By the way, this poem doesn't only relate to love and longings.

I tried to contain ontology and epistemology if you did not notice.

Well, it may be my fault if readers can't notice. To be honest, I don't know, I think it is unsolubel question about the poetry.

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