Into the Darkness

January 29, 2018
By amivi.sogbo BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
amivi.sogbo BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Flee, swiftly

Into the dark abyss of the Night.

For it is around that time again,
That time, it has come around again
When I, in the peaceful solitude of my mind
Am rudely interrupted by

The Beast

The Beast - it starts by clawing its way up my throat
Choking me from the inside out
Its razor-like claws snatching every fragment of oxygen pulled in
I am drowning with every breath I take

The Beast - it maneuvers its way to my brain,
Sinking its teeth into the squishy matter
Its lancinating fangs gnawing my thoughts away, rendering me imprudent
I am losing all sense of self

That time has come again.
It seems to come more often now than then
It is an exhausting time, an anxious time
A time fit to --

Run, speedily
Into the arms of the evanescent Night

I open my arms to the Darkness
Accepting the warm welcome into her great bosom
I run to her, like a strayed child that has finally found her way home

Here, in the arms of Darkness
I am at ease,
Here, in her embrace,
I am at peace
The Beast, it can not touch me here
In the depths of nature’s soul
Under the watch of the moon and stars
Darkness enshrouds me, enveloping me in her protection

In my flight, I have not noticed the rain
I now take the time to watch the water droplets
fall gracefully from the sky,
And plunge into the lake

I look down.

But instead of seeing my reflection,
I see memories of a haunted past
Formed from the myriad of crystallized tears filling the lake.

The author's comments:

This poem is about my anxiety and how it is always trying to get the best of me. I often feel like the only times I can truly escape it is when I am asleep, and that's what the Darkness represents - sleep, slumber, solitude. 

I hope this poem helps people to take mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, etc. seriously and not overlook these problems and attribute them to something people who are just "seeking attention" have.

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