Silent: An Ode To Ben

January 29, 2018
By madisonhaji GOLD, Wyckoff, New Jersey
madisonhaji GOLD, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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Not a single word in the hallways between periods 6 and 7.
Not a single word, but the faces say it all.
Noses red, eyes puffy.
Losing a life is not easy.
They shuffle into their seats.
The radiator buzzes and the lights shine.
But it’s not a happy shine.
It seems almost cruel the way they expose every tear and shiver.
Uncontrollably shaking.
This isn’t real.
It can’t be real.

It is.
Losing a life is not easy.
Lips quiver, hearts pound.
Gravity gains power as my head straddles the ground.
Each breath harder than the last.
Searching for strength from somebody.
But nobody seems to have any left.
We are all weak.
But we are weak together.
Shaking together.
Crying together.
Silent together.

The author's comments:

This is one of the most meaningful pieces I have and I will ever write. I wrote this piece immidently after finding out that one of my fellow students had passed away from cancer earlier that morning. I, along with the rest of my school was devestated, but it comforted me to know that I wasn't alone. The overall message is that we all go through tough times, therefore we need to support eachother and be there for others. We are all in this together, so it's about time we realize that and act like it.

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