Bittersweet Sisterhood

January 29, 2018
By A_whatever BRONZE, Mishawaka, Indiana
A_whatever BRONZE, Mishawaka, Indiana
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Her pink rosy cheeks and her penciled in eyebrows
Her wacky music and the scars on her skin are her features and her perfections
The way she cares for me the way a mother never could
And she’s always there when I cry
But she’s crying by herself in a hospital bed wishing she was dead I want to help her but I can’t because of all the blood she’s bled
And the movies she’s seen
And the horror she’s gone through
And I can’t talk to her when she’s blue  Because I don’t know what to do
And I don’t know her favorite song when I know her favorite sound
And she’s shoved into the ground by the endless shadow on her back
And someday I swear she’s gonna crack
And my world’s going to go black.
A bond formed by a parent’s meeting and her life is fleeting
From the heart in her chest that somehow keeps beating when she’s bleeding.
And she will never clear a place in her bedroom
Like how her life takes up my mind but now she’s confined
And I’m going blind without you there to guide me
As my sweet honeybee
And I fall from my pedestal but I’m the one crying when she’s the one dying
From the drug you’re supplying
To me that’s called dopamine

It’s been well past nine.
I guess that’s a sign that I need more time
To wait for your return two weeks past nighttime

The author's comments:

This piece is about my friend who I consider a sister the night she was sent to a mental hospital.

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