The Personality’s

January 29, 2018
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A potion was made to me rid my evil
But then something went terribly wrong
My personality split and caused upheaval
And my evil was not made weak, but strong
Now I must take this vial of cure
The one that failed to stay permanent
To remain myself, good and pure
This good and evil inside in a tournament
But I fear my inner demon has arose from within
He comes swooping in with a heartless cackle
And with this I shed my goodness and go to dwell in sin
Mr. Hyde takes over whispering ‘ goodbye Dr Jekyll ’

Mr. Hyde

His good side, it seems, is forever relentless
Always fighting and now to try to rid me with antidote
This is one fight you shan't win, even when I'm reckless
I stifle my laughter and know I have him by the throat
Know I do wrong and yet in it I take pleasure. Such glee!
No one is safe from my terror and more plans I craft
Until I feel his walls crumble and feel he's ready to flee
I find myself chuckling and wanting to say ‘ don't be daft ’
Soon I’ll rule and he can only watch as he loses more and more
Finally with my grin and whispered goodbye, his sanity must go
With this my entire soul has come to claim and take over his core
Until it is I,Mr. Hyde, that is the only one that will forever show

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