Age 13

January 29, 2018
By Rae14 BRONZE, Monticello , Illinois
Rae14 BRONZE, Monticello , Illinois
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Being young and chronically ill
Is kind of like being trapped in an old person's body
Except the good old days weren’t so good when you watched them happen
Instead I was having war with my body
I wish there was something that I could regret
That I could go back and fix, but…
There is nothing that I could change
I couldn’t change how I looked or how I felt even if dozens of surgeries were required
Or if multiple over the counter meds were needed
I couldn’t go back and change anything because I did what I could
The only thing I could do is be strong
And grateful that I wasn’t battling something worse

The author's comments:

I wrote this about a year ago on how felt. I am glad I did write this because now I can go back read I used to feel, and compare how I feel now.

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