How to Date a Girl

February 2, 2018
By Anonymous

How to date a girl with night terrors:

When she wakes up, you wake up

When she cries, you cry

She will be stuck in what seems to her a never ending nightmare

You will hear her scream, she will be demonized

Recognize her fears, and remember her true self

She will wake up hitting you,

Grab her, hold her tight

Remind her its a dream

She will be shaking with fear

Knees trembling

Her lips quivering

Sweat dripping down her forehead

How to date a girl with an eating disorder:

Don’t force her to eat

She won’t

Ad no matter how many times you tell her she’s beautiful

She won’t believe you

She’ll eat just for you

After she’s done, she’ll throw it back up in a bathroom stall, crying.

Hating herself, looking in the mirror

Wondering why she looks like this

Questioning why a man would ever love her

Reassure her how much you cherish her

You will occasionally have to catch her when she

Is falling from weakness

Her eyes are bloodshot and puffy

Her bones are fragile

Her skin has rough edges and wrinkly

Her heart is broken

You will learn how to heal her

How to date a girl who cuts:

Steal the razor blades and throw them away

Take her mind off of things

Go out on adventures and road trips

WHen she starts to cry, scoop her up and hold her in your arms

When you see her looking down at her scars

Kiss them, and tell her that these scars

Represent how strong she is

How to date a girl who doesn’t love herself:
Look into her eyes and tell her how much you love her

Just tell her you love her, all of her.

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