3 am poem

February 2, 2018
By A_whatever BRONZE, Mishawaka, Indiana
A_whatever BRONZE, Mishawaka, Indiana
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Time is the only thing we have
The only thing that stays the same
While we try and pass our classes while they refuse to teach us taxes
And the only thing we can ever do is practice.
And while the world continues its dull life of politics and war
We try and escape from it and slam the door.
We are cold and broken and we sneak out at night to retrieve the pieces
Along the way some of us succumb to diseases
With antidepressants and a blank map
We find where we truly belong
Some of us fail to get along
Between the weak and the strong
The weak are the strongest.
We are the smallest and we take the heat
And we’ve been beat by the people we meet
Along the road to attempt victory.
Our lives are shrouded with mystery and they can’t seem to get used to it
And I call myself a hypocrite when I shun others and lash out to protect myself from getting hurt.
I will never make it out unscathed.
We’re praised for our achievements outside of school but it’s all just a masquerade ball.
We climb the walls to watch the brawls inside other people’s heads
And we hate because we see the flaws in others that we have ourselves in some way
In this life, I’m a picky eater at an all you can eat buffet
I try everything but I only stick to things I know
Everything I do in life seems to foreshadow

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