The Key To Life

February 2, 2018
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What is the key to living? If you must ask,
It all starts with our past.
It started off slow on a boat.
When someone wrote,
“Christopher columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492”
Not realizing what their future would go through.
Sending the Native Americans away,
And leaving them with nowhere to stay.
Bringing slaves over not by choice but by force.
Breaking another civilization as if it was a divorce,
But instead using strong force.
And yet america showed no remorse. 
TRYING to colonize and make what they thought to be better living;
Was it even worth forgiving?
All the wars and debt.
Do we show even the slightest bit of regret?
Did we swallow our pride?
Did the thought cross our minds,
“Hey lets save lives?”
That’s the thing it didn’t!
Were supposed to be THE UNITED STATES the country full of opportunity,
But we can’t even show negligible unity.
What is the key to living? If you must still ask,
just don’t make the same mistakes from our past.

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