February 2, 2018
By Mystical_Peony SILVER, Seattle, Washington
Mystical_Peony SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"A flower doesn't compete with the flower next to it, it just blooms." -Zen Shin

We are blinded
From pure positivity
Our eyes have been reprogrammed
To search out the negative
The minor imperfections
So that by the time they reach the mind
They are something larger
Something that manifests
Until it is an invincible shroud of darkness
Spurring complaints
And lowering self esteem
Because of that
We are unable to realize
Everything we are passionate about
Good at
Love doing
We have our bodies to thank for
When will we
Be satisfied
With spectacular
Even though it’s not
When will we finally realize
Is an unreachable goal
An unrealistic standard
I hope that one day
We will smile for all of the positives
Instead of lingering
On the few negatives
Hopefully we will eventually
Speak of the good
In life
In each other
In ourselves
Without immediately looking for the
No. None of that.
Just good
There are unlimited
Positive adjectives
But yet we waste our time on the
Mean ones
And the negative ones
And the slang
Because for some warped reason
We think we will only be heard
If we use those negative ones
If we complain
If we swear
But why does that have to be true
Why can’t we be equally recognized
For the praise we shout
The triumphs we celebrate
Instead of our endless whining
But I guess we’re just humans
And humans love to complain
Because complaining gives us something
In common with others
Something to talk about
Something to laugh about
It’s like
We are all wearing these tinted glasses
That force our vision to go dark
And gloomy
On the brightest of days
A barrier preventing us
From reaching positivity.
When will we be able to
Speak with each other
About the good
Laugh with each other
About the happy times
Without the urge to rant about them
To complain about them.
When will good enough
Actually be enough
When will we stop asking ourselves
Why am I not enough
And when will we realize
That that is a message
Only inflicted upon us
By ourselves
A statement that others would be quick
To rebut
When will we start thinking
Yes I am
Yes I can
And finally
Yes I will

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