I'm Still Here

February 2, 2018
By Mystical_Peony SILVER, Seattle, Washington
Mystical_Peony SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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I sit in class
Eyes glazed over
My mind elsewhere
The hard chair digging
Into my back
I wish
That I could be anywhere
But here
But I am still here
I am still here when the teacher calls on me to present
And I am still here
When I find myself standing in front of the class
I open my mouth to speak
But all that comes out
Is a hoarse croak
And I am still here
When my classmates during to each other
Behind cupped hands
And harsh whispers and giggles dart around the room
And I am still here
When a gentle hand lands on my shoulder
And a voice urges me to start
But I ignore the voice
And close my eyes
I try to picture my secret room
My sanctuary
Warm thoughts fill my head
And I am transported
To a beautiful place
A place where no one disturbs me
Where I am left to my thoughts
And my wild daydreams
But then
A voice interrupts my gentle paradise
And I am pulled
Back into reality
I open my eyes
Hoping to be in my secret room
And not the chaotic classroom
But when I open my eyes
I am still here

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