February 2, 2018
By Mystical_Peony SILVER, Seattle, Washington
Mystical_Peony SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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"A flower doesn't compete with the flower next to it, it just blooms." -Zen Shin

I walk out
I sit down
On the jagged concrete
Knees bent
Head in hands

Curled up
Like a ball of yarn
Sifting on the shelf
But there’s no one who wants
To knit
And so it’s left

The wind dances a taunting jive
Around my ears
Each breath
Sends puffs of clouded smoke
Into the crisp air
But my clouds are the only ones
And they aren’t lasting as long as before For how can they cloud up the sky
If they are all

Most people
Don’t walk out
But they could
If they wanted to
Because if they were sitting on the concrete
It would not last
Others would draw to them
Like they were being pulled
By a magnetic force

There is something about those people
About their personality
That attracts others
We’re all friends
A pack of kids
But in every pack
There are leaders
And there are followers
The people who sit out alone
With the reassurance that it will not last
And those who would never
Because they know they’ll be left

They have to ask
What about me
Is less interesting than them
Why am I always thought of
I’m always talking about others
It’s sad to have to wonder
Whether anyone speaks of me

You realize that everyone else is so
They are so unique
Their personalities bubble up
To the surface of every conversation
While yours just sinks

So I figured
If they’re so great
I’ll copy them
I took pieces of their
Colorful Personalities
Put them in a big pot
And stirred them all up
With my gray one
But when you mix up
All of those colors
You are just left with brown
Most people don’t like brown
In fact
Some even like it less than gray

So sitting there on the concrete
No one comes over
I stay in a ball
Without enough strength to unwind
And no one to help me
Thinking about
How even after all the trouble I’ve gone through
To fit in
To get attention
I’m still left

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