Airless Scream

February 1, 2018
By Miss.Nobody SILVER, Behtlehem, Pennsylvania
Miss.Nobody SILVER, Behtlehem, Pennsylvania
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"lux en tenebris"

Thump, thump.
That sound muffling my ears.
Dark figures surround the room.
Some tall, some short.
My eyes blinded by a bright light.
A spotlight.
Announcers introduce me.
But who am I?
A girl that was taken away from a cell to be put back in one.
Numbers shouted out,
Like I am cattle.
They yell out,
Number by number.
Each one higher and higher.
My lungs give out.
My heart stopped.
The dark figure approaches me,
A smile that made my stomach  twist and bile rises.
Head pounding, blood rushing..
Cold metal meets my neck with a click.
I am dragged by the chain on my throat.
Constricting my windpipe, struggling to inhale.
Only to be pulled harder.
And endless cycle
Back to a cell.
My lips open in a Airless scream.
Knowing no one will know, see, or hear my silent pleads.

The author's comments:

I had watched a video on a women who survived human traficking I took some emotions and put this together.

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