For Life

February 1, 2018
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A girl around her early stage of life,
about fifteen or sixteen
staring out into space.

Leaned up against a tree with her
musty, yellow, and degraded clothes
and no shoes to comfort the bottom of
her cracked, sore feet.

Tall and skinny from the lack of
food provided during the day and
scars all over her body, some healed
and some open.

Her face shaped in a nice perfect circle,
but the hair too nappy to even brush through.
Lips chapped and teeth yellow stained,
big eyes that are dark brown almost black.

She’s waiting for the perfect chance to be
set free, but every day ends the same.
With her face having stained filled cheeks
and eyes bloodshot red from all the pain
she has to live through and knowing she is
likely going to end up like her elders and family.

A slave for life.

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