February 1, 2018
By PrincessLuna BRONZE, Fenton, Missouri
PrincessLuna BRONZE, Fenton, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"I have never let school get in the way of my education" Mark Twain

Why do they keep saying i'm free
When I can't make choices that only affect me

I smoke a joint I harm no one
I only want to have a little fun

Risks are something I love to take
Too dangerous they say but i'm the only one at stake

I may seem to get a choice in what I wear
But i'm shackled down because everyone seems to care

The radio, the Tv and, the internet yell at me
To do what they want because I am free?

The author's comments:

I hate the way the world is going when it comes to freedom. Americas slogan is basicly the land of the free yet when you look around everyones in shackles. Be it self imprisoned or being forbidon from certain acts that make you happy. One example is I love caves with a passion. Yet you cant go exploring them anymore. Finding a cave is hard enough but people are constantly filling them in. Destroying natures beutiful caves. I want to be free to take my own risks.

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