Human Nature

February 1, 2018
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My love was an abysmal, endless sea,
Waves of sentiment and passion,
Crashed against my shore,
My ocean bares the life of many creatures,
Life surrounds, fills, and encaptures me.

Until I met your beautiful face,
Enticed and abducted,
A beautiful melody,
A lullaby that carried me away,
I transformed into a mountain.
A mountain so high,
Nothing in the world could reach me.
Except you.

  A volcano,
Volatile and harmful,
Ready to explode with the slightest of a touch,
Angry and explosive,
Spitting lava,
Intriguing and dangerous,
Is that why I loved you?

I trusted,
Nature will lead you to the depths of darkness,
Never trust instinct,
For instinct is selfish and harmful.

Who am I?
A dry, barren island,
With no fruit to reap,
A child of the night,
Longing for a sunrise.
Knowing it doesn’t matter.
For even a sunrise is fleeting.

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