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You Won

February 1, 2018
By Anonymous

"Congratulations you won!

The prize?

My broken heart.


You lied to me.

You said you would protect me.

That I could trust you with my frail heart.

I gave it to you. I loved you.


But you crushed it. You hit it.

Than you smashed it on the ground.

I fell down years running down my check.

I tried to collect the pieces as you yelled at me.

Your words cutting like a knife.


You didn't even see how much hurt you caused me.

You turned and walked away leaving me on the floor.

My hands cut from picking up the sharp pieces of my heart.

As I watched you fade from view I couldn't help but wonder      what in the world I did wrong.

I gave you everything. Everything I had.

Yet you broke it all in front of me.


So I hope you are happy. You won this battle.

Just know that you didn't just break my heart.

No, you broke me as well.

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