Coin Collecting

January 31, 2018
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Lights dimmed, he sat there yawning
As the film played on.
It was a documentary on coin collecting,
Of all things,
That he’d gotten for his birthday
From a relative he’d seen once
When he was three.
The narrator spoke on and on about
Increasing value of what was one cent,
And he contemplated if this held any value
In his life.
It didn’t.
But yet it was a movie welcome
As he was sleep deprived.
And so, his eyes drew closed;
The coins clattered in harmony,
And finally sleep could be his home.
He sent a silent prayer to the relative he
Knew didn’t care.
He said.
“Thank you Rob for the coins
Because I’ve found joy in the boredom they evoke.
Please send more.”

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