A name without a meaning

January 31, 2018
By Amayrami.Navarro BRONZE, Hemet, California
Amayrami.Navarro BRONZE, Hemet, California
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All Names have a meaning to them.
Our precious names that are forever on attached to us,
define who we are.
“It’s what lies inside us that truly matters”,
as Sarah J. Maas, New york times best selling fantasy author, once said.
For It is my delight to tell you that there is simply
Not a single name that has no meaning...right?

Well let’s see…
What about the name Aurelio?
Aurelio is from beautiful Italy and valiantly stands for gold.
Okay great, what do you have for the name Batool?
Batool is an honorably Muslim name  meaning Virgin Maiden.
Wow, fascinating now try the name Amayrami!
...oops! sorry no results for that one.

Amayrami, is my name.
Its origin?
Hispanic I believe, but do not know for sure.
How do you pronounce it? 
What does it mean?
Well, that I don’t know…
my parents say they once heard of it through family,
They thought it was a strong beautiful name
And decided then to give it to me as a gift,
when I was born.

For my name isn’t very common.
It’s Always marked with dark red lining
Under it, whenever I type it into any device,
Telling me my name is wrong,
but I refuse to believe it’s deceiving lies.

When I was only a baby and my parents would introduce me,
Rarely anyone could pronounce it correctly, without having to ask,
“Wait, how do say it again?”.
Eventually, my parents replaced my name
in telling people that, Amy would do just fine...
and so it stuck.
“ But, isn’t Amy now what defines me?”, I asked my parents.
“No because you see Amy’s only a nickname,
But, It’s Amayrami who you really are”, answered my father.
“No, It Isn’t”, I told myself because
It’s Amy, to who I respond to everyday in class.
It’s Amy, whose name is iced onto my Birthday cake every year.
It’s Amy, whose name was stitched onto our quilt, of a family tree.
It’s Amy, who was called for  at my middle school graduation.
It’s Amy who identifies me and only a document can say otherwise!

Although, Amy has been my “name”,
for most of my life now,
It will always be Amayrami, who was underneath it all
And  was simply in a disguise.
Through it all, I’ve searched and searched
for Amayrami’s  true identity and have
Unfortunately  found, “no results”.
Will I ever know what it is that defines a big part of who I am?
Or is it up to me define Amayrami myself?

The author's comments:

Maybe, I am not the only one in this world who feels lost sometimes. We may not know the true meanings of our names, in which we use throghout our whole lives, but intend ti believe that it is up to us to define our names ourseleves because it is a part of us, just as much as we are a part of it.

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