The Human Experience

January 31, 2018
By mcarr BRONZE, Huntsville, Utah
mcarr BRONZE, Huntsville, Utah
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Life is a disaster
A mess of confusion,
Chaos and unknown

But that is alright
In fact
It’s quite spectacular

In the path of destruction
Beauty flourishes

In the wake of devastation
Hope prospers

Take a vehicle emerged
In raging waves

Contrast explodes
Something’s amiss
This isn’t the way
It’s supposed to be

As is life
In that there is overlooked serenity

Minds locked in what’s to come
In a desperate attempt to anticipate and expect

The truth of it all
Is nothing can be controlled
Life is a nonsensical blur
A journey
In which we are just the voyagers

To some this sparks fear

But this unpredictability
Is a blessing in disguise

How marvelous it must be
To simply enjoy
The lack of influence

To sit back
Soak it all in

That is The Human Experience
Not fixing every little mess
But embracing each and every one

See the light in shambles
The beauty in disarray
Life’s a disaster
And that’s okay

People have only one choice to make
Whether to try to change the inevitable
Or just enjoy the spontaneity of life...

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