Path Of Wrong

January 30, 2018
By Neil_Sappy BRONZE, Thane, Other
Neil_Sappy BRONZE, Thane, Other
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Save the few remaining days
For your days were once cherished
But now they will soon perish


Save your last words
For once they are spoken
They will never be heard again


Save your last few dying breaths
For they are too precious to be lost
And too short to reinvest


Save your only truthful eyes
For they will guide you
In the path of disguise


Save your belief on your way
Mark not what the liars say
Condemned were they ones
Now are free, in the path of disgrace
Where you are soon to be


Lastly as i turn to go
Save all you can before time goes cold
Forget about the good deeds you have done
For your evil far Outpowers them all


Be prepared well
For the journey is long
Misery and Pain all along
No point of sorrow
It is Your fault
Had you been more careful along :-


You wouldn't have been on the PATH OF WRONG...........

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