January 28, 2018

My dream
your dream
our dream.

It gave us the determination
to bear the tremendous difficulty
the sweltering temperatures
and anyone who opposed you and me.

My dream
your dream
our dream.

No one to order us around
and tell us what to do.
A bright vision we held
with land, a garden, and you.

My dream
your dream
our dream.

It wouldn't be possible without you
the only thing keeping me up
and dreaming
of a better future.

You're not the brightest in the head
genuinely clueless instead
you really need me
as much as I need you.

My dream
your dream
our dream.

Wasn't held back by anything
not a mouse,
not a pup,
but by someone.

She blindly stole our chance
our vision
our future
our dream.

My dream
your dream
our dream.

Is nearly gone. With nowhere to go
there's only one place left possible
for your dream.

I think of this
as I pull out the gun
looking at you
who is entranced in a dream.

We weren't like other men
who had no family
because we had each other.

My dream
your dream
our dream.

Is fading away
as I realize the cold pistol
with my finger on the hard trigger
ready to fire.

While my shaky hand goes to his head
I silently say goodbye
to Lennie and
our future.

The bullet spirals into his head
killing him and
our dream.

My dream
died with you.

Your dream
hopefully came true.

Our dream
is now impossible.

Now I'm like any other guy
no family
no dream
no meaning. 

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