A Million Ants

January 28, 2018
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You are like a million ants

A million ants crawling-

No, not spiders

Spiders, I know they're dangerous without

Second thought

Spiders, I will notice before they crawl

Up my arm-

You are like a million ants

A million ants crawling, everywhere

At once

Leaving me breathless and disgusted and itchy

-i've nearly drowned myself in hopes of

getting rid of you-

Biting me here and there

As if I won't feel that my flesh is stinging


How can you be so small, yet so invincible

So foolish, yet so determined

You're in my hair and my ears

My shoes and my plans

My past and those pants you bought me for New Years

-in fact, i've been sitting here naked

in the bathtub, in hopes of washing you

from my memory-

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