The Lotus

January 28, 2018
By GabriellaMuratore BRONZE, Thornwood, New York
GabriellaMuratore BRONZE, Thornwood, New York
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The lotus…

This enchanting native perennial

No harm it seems to one's eyes

But once digested,

No homecoming is to be met

Friends forgetful of their homeland brings depression to the men and crew

Tying down does no good

For these mens households are gone for good

The lotus…

Its glamorous appeal to the eye brings amnesia

These men will search the island eternally

With no recall of home

The honeyed plant of the lotus eaters

is a hope long lost

For anyone on the island knows the stories of the men that leaders have lost


Its sorrowful to see the individual's lost in their own head

And pain for they will never come home again

But time goes on and so do we

The journey shall not stop for these men who made poor decisions

The lotus….

Its beauty brings pain

For the rest of the men will proceed to take refuge aboard the ship

Praying to the god of thunder

With hope of no storms in the way

And the rest will wander aimlessly

No place to call home for the rest of their days

When the god of death will finally come their way, they will remember their home

And that of all things

Will bring pain

The lotus….

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