The Power of the Mind

January 28, 2018
By NikkiAsch BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
NikkiAsch BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
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Our brains are naturally curious,
Sometimes our questions make us furious.
Questions can be driven by societies high standards,
But most of the time people end up being another bystander.

The mind is like a sea of thoughts,
We drown ourselves without connecting the dots.
We ask “Why this?” or “Why now?”.
We ask “Who did?” or “How?.

Like a maze of life, we try to find our way,
But we get lost in ourselves no matter how hard we try to break away.
The brain’s maze has no way out,
People get lost in their thoughts and inevitably pout.

These wonders end up driving us mad,
Our fascinations about life can ultimately make us sad.
Sometimes the answers make us smile,
But this happiness only lasts a little while.

The brain is a rollercoaster of emotions,
Sorry that there is no curing potion!
When high in the air we can feel great,
But sometimes internal conflicts take all of the world’s weight.

The answers to life's questions can be bittersweet.
Are these thoughts worth tripping over my own two feet?
I wonder if I can pay a price for asking?
Sometimes my brain’s overwhelmed from all its multitasking.

Why ask “Why?” when it really doesn’t matter?
These questions only force the mind to scatter.
Why don't we expect it will be what it will be?
I think our brains become masked by life’s complexity.

I believe we overthink things which cause us to ponder,
Though over thinking may result in being disappointed with no responder.
Are curiosities worth the pain?
We only have so much control over the brain.

In my heart, I think wondering can also be good,
Our thoughts and questions make us feel understood.
Our brains wisdom helps navigate our way through this crazy thing called life,
But by finding the right path it can help to avoid strife

Yes, it is true that some answers to questions disappoint,
But why not take a risk, even at your breaking point?
We must learn to accept the things that don’t go our way,
We have to try to think positively and not feel like the world’s prey.

Sometimes our thoughts allow us to feel alive!
But sometimes we feel the struggle to constantly thrive.
Our lives are destined for a series of feelings and thoughts,
Even though it may give us some severe stomach knots!

Questions manifest obsessions.
Thoughts will cause mind clots.
Curiosity will yield generosity.
And, fascinations result in temptations.

In the end, your brain will cause pain,
Which can come down as hard as a thunderstorm’s rain.
But it also provides the ability to feel completely sane,
And have all your worries wash down the drain!

The author's comments:

This poem was inspired by the complexness of the brain, of life, and of myself. This poem tries to make sense of all life's confusing aspects. 

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