For Love of a Plane

January 28, 2018
By VampDemigod SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
VampDemigod SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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A paper airplane.
So carefully folded
Painstakingly folded
And yet blown into a tree
With the slightest breath of wind.


Then comes a choice
Leave it behind for gone
Or wait for it to fall out of the tree,
Pick it up,
Create again.


To leave and attempt again
Or to try
To make beautiful
What you can
So much time, and yet so little.


And in the end, will you spend that time
To make anew what once was
To reforge, rebuild, relive
Or will you leave it behind, make another
And wait for another disaster.


With one change,
With another love,
The wait, for the tree
to relinquish its hold
If ever it does.


Will it be worth the wait?
You devotion to that one sheet of paper?
The crumpled sheet that you spent so much time on?
Or is it as naught, just another piece of trash?
Without a care, will you walk on?

I know  there will come a time
When my airplane will falter
in its course.
Then will come a breath of wind
And I will wait.


Will I see you there?
Me for mine, you for yours will we wait?
Until one of ours falls,
And then we part ways.  Will we meet again?
Only time will tell.


Or will I find your plane,
Left on the sidewalk
Will I take it?
Remake it?


Send it back
To the world
To wander
And search
Or will I too leave it to rest?


Will I wait for mine,
Or settle for yours?
Will you come later
and find it gone?
Will you cry?


Or is it the other way around?
Will mine be gone
When I reach the tree?
Will it have been taken?
Or was it never in the tree?

Did it avoid the tree?
Flying straight to you?
Is it too high for me to see?
Will I find it
Under the tree?


All these questions,
yet still we all start the quest
Burning in
Our hearts and souls,
We will not find rest.


To find your airplane, day or night,
Will you search?
I will.
To find my airplane, that took flight,
I will try my best.


And if it took its own path then,
Will I seek it still
Or will I move on to another pen,
Another sketch,


Once more with a plane am I,
Will it be my own?
The one I started with,
Oh I really
Do not know.


Still searching for a plane am I,
Will I always be?
The one that will not hit the tree,
But instead sail
Back to me.


Still I haven't found it,
I wonder now have you?
Your plane that will go floating
Back to only you.

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