Night Raid Chat

January 28, 2018
By VampDemigod SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
VampDemigod SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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We’re a hot mess
I met Ches
We’re making friends
Will it ever end
On Night Raid Chat

We stay alive
Started with about 5
Now we’re up to 15
Keeping game chatrooms clean
On Night Raid Chat

Don’t know when to stop
We’ll play ‘till we drop
Getting people to wards
Fighting zombie hordes
On Night Raid Chat

Inspired by anime
Becoming closer every day
Will it last forever?
It may.

Now the server’s slowing down
School has started, new jobs aroun’
I just hope the chat survives
This brutal slaughter worse than knives
On Night Raid Chat

The author's comments:

This poem is about a Discord chatroom that I created for several of my online friends.  This poem was written a few months ago.  Since then the chat has lost several members and gained several. 


Several of my friends in this chatroom were struggling with problems: not having any irl friends, being abandoned by their parents, even having lost family members recently.  The chat started with several of us sitting around on different MMO games talking about our lives through direct messanger systems.  Eventually we moved to Discord, at that time there were about five or six of us.  Over the next few months we would bring in new friends as we started to trust them more and more.  This group has helped prevent five suicide attempts by members of the group, and probably more, though preemptively. 


The group has become more than a group of friends though- we've become a family.  When one member of the chat lost one of her parents in a car crash, she came to us.  When one of the members lost his girlfriend, he came to the chat for a place to talk about his feelings- and later ended up dating another member of the chat.  This group has touched my heart, and will continue to do just that forever.

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