Like Water Through a Sieve

January 27, 2018
By ariel.davydov GOLD, Porter Ranch, California
ariel.davydov GOLD, Porter Ranch, California
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Calm as ever, the river flows. It gains
speed, it decelerates. A sprinkling
brook, a fish lies in the splashing
water. It glows. It gains
momentum, and
As it jumps, the world
stops, and it joins the
tepid water on its course
to a new journey and a new
beginning. For as it continues,
winter may come, and the water would
freeze. A child may arrive, and dip his
little hand into the
flowing river, and grab our
shimmering friend. But to this little
fish, it does not matter. For the
sprinkling brook was far too
dull for our small companion. And
as the river runs its
course, the world has begun once
again, and all is well.

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