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The Answer

January 26, 2018
By EpicDragonSlayr SILVER, Herndon, Virginia
EpicDragonSlayr SILVER, Herndon, Virginia
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There it was,
What was left of the twisted, broken tree
A symbol of Death
Left behind for all to see

I stare at Death in the face
And wonder how it could do this,
Wonder how it could end a life so easily
Waiting for an answer

I know Death won't answer
But still I wait,
Waiting to see
What will happen to me

Than all at once -
Death comes for a visit
It takes me in,
Faster than a cheetah

I can feel my soul
Leaving my body
And making me empty inside
Like a gift never opened

So this is how it feels
To play with Death
Now I know
The answer

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