January 26, 2018
By K.L.Mercy BRONZE, Stevenson, Washington
K.L.Mercy BRONZE, Stevenson, Washington
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The sweet aroma of roses fills all of my senses,
I’m grateful for this change of smell.
Last week’s daisies lost their smell days ago.
besides that, roses have always been my favorite.
     It gets pretty lonely down here, my only company the worms and bugs that have taken a liking to me.
The only conversations I hear come from the families that come to visit their family members, and my neighbors.
People used to visit me, but that ended years ago when the last of my family left this small town and onto who knows where. Nobody ever tells me anything.
So here I lay surrounded by dirt, and my friends the bugs, and here I will lay until my bones are nothing but dust.
until I am nothing but food for the worms.
     My headstone sais I’ll be missed,
that’s hard to believe sometimes.
Especially since the only thing I have to look forward to is the smell of each week’s flowers resting on the grave next to mine.
It sure is lonely being dead

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