January 25, 2018
By Kennarae SILVER, Welch, Minnesota
Kennarae SILVER, Welch, Minnesota
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                      Running for our lives our hearts feel like they’re going to explode 

Hearing the loud bang of guns behind me

                                                              My two best friends holding my hands

Looking to my right I see a long endless hallway with lockers surrounding it

                                       A terrified girl running out of the bathroom not making 5 feet
      And next second I see blood and brains coming out of her head, leaving a scar in me forever

                        We finally reach the doorway out of that school that turned into hell within minutes
One of my friends lets go of my hand, she can’t keep up anymore

                                      Bursting out of the doors we reach the cold, snowy, and beautiful outside

    She comes out seconds after us soon reconnecting hands

I hear a ruckus at the doors looking behind my shoulder I see an emotionless and vacant eyed man
         He raises his gun and pulls the trigger hitting my friend right in the neck

She falls to the ground face first blood coming out of her neck continuously onto the pure white snow
            I smell the thick scent of blood and lead while watching her struggle to breathe

                                My muscles start to tense and the grip on my other friends hand tightens                           
                                                                         And we start running again

      Our adrenaline starts to fade and fear takes over
                                          We both become weaker and weaker by the second

Both of us hear the loading of the gun

                  At the same time we both start to hyperventilate and look each other in the eye

                                                                         Just waiting for the gun to claim its next victim

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