January 25, 2018
By graantc BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
graantc BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Getting dressed wearing the red
Looking fly like turkey fly
As i fly out that door just like a turkey
To appear at my grandmas for some of that turkey\
just like everyone else
The whole family is showing up
All doing well talking trash
For the game of ball ahead
Sitting by my uncle making up plays for the game
Then we ...

Take the scent in of that turkey like a bottle of cologne
That will never be replaced
Asking her before it’s done in the oven
To go on the walk for like every mile

Walking down the gravel,cars be driving by
All the way to the corner at the end of that road
That will never be replaced
And walking back getting excited
At the door, so many cars

And take in the best scent and saying hi
Saying our prayers to the man up above
Then we eat the turkey just the taste of turkey
In your hungry stomach the drizzle of grease
Talking about Florida what are we gonna do
The best part of all, that Snicker Salad in us all
Then we get all sad cause soon it will be 4 which is when we pack up and leave

While talking to family saying how life has been
Going up stairs cleaning up the plates
The girls sit at the table playing cards

The boys be outside throwing the ball, getting dirtier and dirtier
Then packing up to go to Florida, saying bye to everyone
Just a day that will never go away

The author's comments:

it inspired me cause i love talking about my life so i us this as something called where i get stuff off my chest and saying it to the world

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