Price of Victory

January 25, 2018
By wyattklavon SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
wyattklavon SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Dribbling down the court while hot sweat runs down your face.
Can taste the sweet victory about to ensue.
Fake left, jab right, and then take off down the court.
Feeling dizzy but know you have the strength to continue.
A small opening clears and you feel your feet tingle.
You take the chance and go for the win.
Arms like wrecking balls swing at the ball.
You plant your feet quick to finally pull off the shot.
You get ready to conquer or suffer; it’s do or die.
The balls floats ever so gently off your finger tips.
The balls swishes and you're filled with joy and relief.
You won the game and you're feeling weak.
Your teammates are shaking you like a leaf on a tree
You feel nothing and everything goes dark.

The author's comments:

I play basketball.

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