January 24, 2018
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We stand on two legs
We say we think
We say we are alone
We are different
But are we?
Yes we are black
Yes we are white
Yes we are Asian
Or others
We are categorized
Sorted like sheep
Accepting what?
What we are told
What the label reads
Throughout history
Throughout time
There is hate
For what?
Is it fear
Is it arrogance
Feeling guilty
Why were there slaves?
Mass genocide
So much hate
All because
All for the simple reason
People think themselves different
Unique and special
Even superior
Is it true?
Its lies
All of it
We may look different
Speak different
Pray different
Hell we may love different 
We may think different
Sing different
And it is of the greatest
The greatest tragedy
That often it's too late
Too late that we realize
That we are all one
Not one of the same god
Or the same blood
Or the same earth
What only a few realize
After the differences melt away
When they see that we really are the same
Underneath all the labeling
All the stereotypes
We are not different
We are all two things
We are all merely smart animals
But more than that
We are Human

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