January 24, 2018
By Anonymous

I think many people my age get depression due to stressing about many things. I think school and other people being mean are two of the biggest concerns. I think many kids in high school start to get depressed from school because sometimes they do not feel good enough or smart enough and start to compare their selves. Also school work can get piled up at times causing them to be overwhelmed. I also think other kids on social media and in general during this time can be very mean and bullying to other people throughout high school and even starting in college. Kids tend to be jealous of others which also causes them to act a certain way. Also social media is something you can’t escape sometimes because people in this generation are very addicted to phones and computers which makes the bullying very worse when it starts to become online. There can be many other reasons to cause depression also but I think these are the most common in my opinion. 

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this was an assignment i had todo in school

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