And I Saw Him

January 24, 2018
By AmitolaCatori BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
AmitolaCatori BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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He was there, standing, brown and fair,

He didn't eben notice I gave a stare.

As I glared, he still looked grim,

From where I'd left 'em and I saw him.

He babbled gleefully with a friend,

Thoughts ran my mind, I knew they would'nt end.

We urged by, as I nearly gave a whim,

To introduce myself again and I saw him.

It seems like forever, though it may be,

Since I told him and now I see.

That love can be far and other things like slim,

Bit it will never end, there I knew,

--And I saw him.

The author's comments:

Rekindling my relationship with my dad inspired me to write this piece.

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