January 24, 2018

The high school experience…
A coveted ideal in America.
To some, it means everything and to others…
a nickel within the dollar that is you life.
To strike is to achieve.
Strive for the varsity jacket and Friday night bonfires.
Strive for 4.3 and the Ays/
Strive for a set of pom-poms or to finally place for states.
Some strive for greatness while others strive for sanity.

The high school experience…
You’ll hate it while you have it but once it’s gone you’ll wish you had it back,
Because there's nothing like it.
The ones who strive,
Strive because there is little substance there to begin with.
The stranger you are,
The more you are able to understand.
The greatest time of our life is just the beginning to the end.

Striving for my sanity, I begin to grasp this concept.
As I miss the bonfire and my 3.5,
The varsity jacket that I have yet to earn becomes a symbol of losing it all.
When I leave it will be as if I were never there,
Erased from any memory but what will be left is a mark on a concept.

A flame becomes the basis of spirit,
And a comfort in the dark.
Striving will continue but remember that sanity will return.

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