January 24, 2018
By kenzzie BRONZE, Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania
kenzzie BRONZE, Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania
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People will most likely never last forever
Losing a love hurts, and losing close friends hurt even more
It feels as if someone ripped your heart out, shredded in into a million pieces then tried to put it back in as if no damage was done in the first place
I think the hardest part is knowing that you could have had something great, but you cared and they didn’t
You’ll smell the strong brew of cappuccino coffee you shared on your first date at that coffee shop your forced to walk by every day on your way to work, and it will hurt
You’ll miss the way his hand felt against your skin during the colder days, when his warmth could keep you calm and warm for the rest of the season
You’ll hear a song on the radio, and immediately remember your old best friend and wish they were there to belt it loudly like you two used to when you were hanging out
Jen thinks about you almost every day, nothing could fix what had been done though, so she continues to tightened the bow in her hair, fixes her cheer skirt and joins her new group of friends with a forceful smile wide on her face
Josh waits for his friends to come out, with his buddies on his side, he watches as the girls come out from the gym, but none of them could compare to what he used to have, he forced a smile at his new girlfriend, and grimaced as he kissed her cheek, “you did great Jen”  
Sometime people you thought were so close to you aren’t, and would never do anything to hurt you, but they do, and it’s the most painful thing to get over, and you miss them everyday
But then you realize it’s not physically them that you miss, it’s the memories.
People in the picture may change, but the memories never will.
Forever keep photographs, never get rid of them because they did something to hurt you and you don’t want to remember them anymore
Because trust me, You will.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this peice because this is something I have experienced in my life, and I just want people to understand how I feel. 

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