The Longing Bird

January 25, 2018
By Anonymous

Perched on a branch
The fowl spreads it’s gray wings
And looks back once more
At it’s only home.

Greeting it’s gaze is a red house.
Sound and quiet,
Welcoming and old,
Calling to creature,
Come home
Come home.
But the bird does not answer.
Instead it flies the other away,
Seeking change and adventure.

Being foolish and young,
It soars to city where it’s welcomed
by noisy streets and smoggy skies.

Not long after it’s arrival
The fowl chokes on the sickening air,
And it’s eyes burn from the haze.
Fear ripples through the creature
For this is not what it wanted.

And so with its fear as it’s company,
It dashes to the sky,
Yearning for it’s cozy little nest,
The one that sat under the deck
Of the large red house.

As the moonlight flickers
On it’s gray feathers,
The creature looks on
Drowning in it’s despair
And longing for it’s

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