Meet Day Feels

January 25, 2018
By caseyvagts SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
caseyvagts SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Leaves scatter across the freshly cut course
Sounds of the loud crowd fill the crisp air
Anxiety arises as you make your way up to your box

The wind blows creating a howling noise
A feeling of fear comes over you
You hear the nerve-racking words “warm ups off”
The man gets the intimidating gun ready
Making sure it is prepared for what’s next

Jumping up and down to loosen up
Stretching out your calves
Feeling the pain rushing through your legs
But thoughts of accomplishment push you to persist

Slowly the man raises his arm
The runners walk up to the smooth white starting line
Looking at the endless course ahead
Dreading what’s to come
Everyone around you feels the same
But there’s no going back now
We all have to continue

You take your last breath before beginning
Knowing that it will be worth it in the end
And hope for the best

Just like that the gun goes off with a roaring boom
All the contrasting uniforms come together
Forming a flamboyant rainbow of people

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