Growing Up

January 26, 2018
By AC-Hood SILVER, Carthage, Missouri
AC-Hood SILVER, Carthage, Missouri
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"I'd rather be myself and be hated for it, then be what everyone else loves and hate myself." -NF Real Music

How we've changed since we were kids

Getting high was only on the swings

Only hurt when we skinned our knees

Now our hurt makes us cry ourselves to sleep


Soda becomes vodka, bikes become cars.

The life we live doesn't seem like ours.

Always feeling great until we feel lost.

Always trying to get away from our thoughts.


Hide and seek, tag, sports were always fun.

Now we change and wonder what we've become.

Went from feeling free to suddenly feeling numb,

and yet when we were kids we couldn't wait to grow up.

The author's comments:

I always wonder what changes between when we were kids and so innocent to teens to adults.

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