Time Ticks Slowly

January 26, 2018
By sadie.graceee BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
sadie.graceee BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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As I lie on my bed 

Dreaming of what could be 

I hold in my hand 

The very thing 

That could end it all

Three small, but powerful


"Just do it"

"End it already"

Blue dripped from my eyes 

The voices screamed

Louder and louder 

Hour after hour

Minute after minute

Second after second

And just like that

Red fell from my wrists

The author's comments:

I was severely bullied my freshman to sophomore year.  Eventually, the pain became too overwhelming and all I could hear inside my head was what those girls said.  I felt as though I deserved it.  I hope that people will see that what you are feeling is just temporary and time continues on.  Life continues on. 

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