January 25, 2018
By lily buchen BRONZE, Arlington Hts, Illinois
lily buchen BRONZE, Arlington Hts, Illinois
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tongue tied, sharp eyed, tornado twisting mess of a girl
pink cheeked, quick witted, loud mouthed human
as unstable as god
constantly clenching her fist and grasping for control
in out in out
loves the spotlight when she chooses it, revels in the attention when she’s the one who draws it in
she must be the one to decide in the end
or what’s the point?

she both creates and destroys her relationships in
swift decisive heavy handed moves
salvation or hell
loves deep and strong,
loves what she’s created
even with its flaws,
gluttony and lust and jealousy
are some of her closest friends, because they’re in all who surround her.
and if she didn’t create her surroundings and choose those who surround her,
then what’s the point?

omnipotent and alone are synonyms to her
because if you feel like god,
then what’s the point?

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